Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I ran 20 minutes this morning. I'm so incredibly excited and shocked. Jasmine didn't think I had it in me (thanks, kid!)
Life is changing. And, as it always is when it's us, it's changing quickly. We're hoping to get the house on the market in 2 weeks. TWO weeks.
So that means I spent yesterday starting work to get the house ready. Want to hear what I did?
~Pfaltzgraff dishes are packed (I think I still spelled that wrong. Too lazy to look it up)
~Three boxes of stuff from the back room are packed and labeled.
~The kids' toys are in their bedroom, instead of in a play area in half of the dining room
~some hooks are finally taken out of the wall from 3 (4?) Christmases ago
~a decorative vinyl sticker is off the wall of the living room
~a box of doll clothes got packed away

That looks pretty good, until you realize I tackled something little in just about every room in the house. Which means you can't actually see any change. And the whole point of organizing to me is the finished LOOK.
So today I'm going to tackle one room (the back room, which is the school/laundry area) and see if I can actually SEE some progress before I leave for date night.

I took pictures of our bedroom on Monday. It's not completely done, but almost. I want excellence. I want better pictures than I've ever taken of a room, and I want it looking better than it's ever looked! Here's what I have right now.