Friday, October 14, 2011

Finishing the Second Quarter

Technically she still has to do a little more cutting and gluing...
but we're done. We've finished the quarter. And that means our school year is half-done.
On October 14th.

I'm shocked, excited, and SO proud. It's crazy to see how much has changed since the year started, but how much is going the way we'd hoped and how much we still enjoy it!

Last week Jasmine tackled a huge project. In her Copywork, she has her choice of two sentences. One is very short, and the other more involved. Until this one, she'd always chosen the short one. But she decided she could tackle the long one, because it involved "supercalifragilisticexpialidocous." Bekah wanted in on the action too:

I let Bekah just write the million dollar word, but Jasmine had to write a whole sentence.
And they both did great!
Her handwriting has gotten a million times better since we started doing copywork 7 weeks ago. I think the fact that she knows it's the only writing she does helps. Bekah is happy doing anything involving writing, so we may use a lot more workbooks/worksheets with her, but for Jasmine, less is definitely more.

While they worked on this, I let Hudson work on one of his "busy bags." I'd been a little concerned that he didn't know his colors (and of course it made me wonder if he might be colorblind), but apparently it's just that he's playing the game my brother Phillip did, not wanting to name the colors but being plenty able to tell them apart. Because he played this game perfectly:

(sorting pompoms onto plates that matched). He loved it!

We finally did a Hideaway again! I've been dragging my feet lately because I'm so tired of cutting doors out of the boxes. I need to keep doing it, though, because they love them and we bought the boxes!! (and it's why we chose Hideaways in History, after all!)

So: we made the Taj Mahal.

And they put on their Indian garb for the pictures:



  1. I would LOVE to see the Taj Mahal someday! They look sweet in their Indian clothes. :) 2 Quarters down. Good for you! We are almost there. So glad that we started early otherwise we'd be WAY behind. lol Sorry that I haven't commented lately. I have been finding it necessary to cut WAY back on my cpu time to get some other things in my life done (plus start a little business venture on the side....crazy me, like I needed one more thing. lol)

  2. Thanks! Oh, I would too!! It's pretty high up on my list of places to see!
    Wow, good luck on your new venture! And good for you for spending less time on the computer. In theory I'm trying for that, but I'm just not doing well sticking to it. There's always something photo-related that needs my attention!! I haven't commented on your blog lately either. Sorry!