Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mary Poppins, an interview

Me: Jasmine, tell me how the book, Mary Poppins, was different from the movie.

Jasmine: she was crosser in the book.

Me: What does cross mean?

Jasmine: not nice.

Me: which would you rather have as a nanny?

Jasmine: Julie Andrews' Mary Poppins.

Me: Bekah, what was your favorite story?

Bekah: the last one.

Me: Why?

Bekah: Because there was a letter.

Me: What did the letter say?

Bekah: It said that she would come back.

Me: was that written in English?

Bekah: No, it wasn't.

Hudson: Mine favorite was, um, in the book. Mine was, um, when they was going to a place. Like going home. They goed home.

Jasmine: Mine was when they went Christmas shopping.

Me: Are you excited to start reading Mary Poppins Comes Back?

Jasmine, Bekah and Hudson: YEAH!

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