Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Medieval Castle

We're a week behind in actual hideaway structures. We may stay that way and build the Tudor House next week, or skip the house completely.
But as my daughters live to be princesses, spending time making the castle was definitely high on our list of priorities!

(word to the wise. If you're going to use the flaps upright to add height, tape them together BEFORE you paint. The paint warps the cardboard. Don't be like me.)

Pouting because I didn't do her hair the way she wanted it. She is a princess.

Prince Hudson, all decked out in clothes from India.
(he just keeps getting cuter. Oh my goodness.)

The Queen
(which makes me the Queen Mother!)

The kids all helped paint the outlines of the stones on the castle. Don't they look realistic?


  1. SO fun!! You are so ambitious with these hideaways! I'm quite impressed :)

  2. I love it. This definitely looks like a fun hideaway. And the stones do look fantastic!

  3. Thanks!!
    I love how the hideaways come out! They're pretty proud of them, too :)