Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spelling Fun

Jasmine has a tough spelling list this week.
-er, -ir and -ur words. They all sound the same, so it's pure memorization to learn which is which.

So we've come up with silly sentences to help her remember. And it seems to be working well!

"I am a girl because girl has an in it."
"I wear a skirt because skirt has an i in it."
"You are a nurse. I'm not one, because nurse has an u in it."

Today we did a practice with sand.

She wrote the words in the sand.
The funniest part? My daughter, who hates pencils and pens, actually wrote the last word in the sand with a pencil.
I don't get it either.

After we finished, I did a quick quiz with her, asking her for the sentence for each of the 10 spelling words without seeing the word. She got all 10 right. So she should be ready for the test tomorrow :)

Hudson wanted to be involved, but I didn't really want to let him go to town with sand. So I gave him a pie pan with lentils. He had a blast and still made a mess. 

But it kept him from begging for Jasmine's sand!

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