Thursday, December 1, 2011

Excellent idea, Mommy!

Yesterday, I was told, was the best day of school, ever.
Both Jasmine and Bekah told me separately that they loved it. Bekah told me school had been fun, and that I'd had an excellent idea. Yes, my 4-3/4-year-old daughter used the word excellent.
And Jasmine told me it was the most fun day of school she'd ever had.

And what was this wonderful thing I'd let them do??

We'd made Goobleck.
At first it was on the watery side but they had a blast:

I added more cornstarch and it was even cooler (so cool that I forgot to take pictures).

Even Josh thought it was cool when he tried it this morning.

It's messy. We have cornstarch all over the floor, counters and the stovetop. But it's been a lot of fun, trying to decide if it's a solid or a liquid!

If you make this, Don't put it down the drain when you're done. It will clog your drains. Throw it in the garbage!! (or let it dry and add water again for more fun someday down the road!)

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  1. oh yeah I know this stuff... the kids always love it... me? I can't stand the texture of the stuff... it just plain old grosses me out!