Friday, April 6, 2012

Finishing up First Grade

Today we finished reading the last of the Encyclopedia of World History (with appropriate editing in the reading, like mentioning that maybe GMOs weren't quite as perfect as they thought when the book was published ;) ).

And with that, I am now the mother of a second grader!!

I'm so incredibly proud of Jasmine. She's been quite a trooper, with all the changes we've made over the past 11 1/2 months. She is definitely breaking me in to homeschooling, just as she did with being a mom. But that just makes it that much easier for the next ones coming up!

I'll keep blogging for next year, though now the title of the blog is outdated.
Congratulations, sweet Jasmine! I'm so proud of you!!


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful year of homeschooling! I found your blog when I was searching for some info on the Hideaways curriculum...I just googled and your blog popped up. :) I have really loved seeing the pictures of your Hideaways & hearing how things went. Thank you!

    I am about to start Hideaways along with Story of the World this month with my two kids. Good luck with second grade.

  2. Thanks, Valerie! You'll have a GREAT time! Thanks for letting me know you found me :)