Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Weeks Off

So we're taking our equivalent of Summer Vacation now.
No comment on the fact that it's supposed to snow tonight. What kind of summer is that?? (*giggle*)

Bekah wanted to earn a "help mommy" badge yesterday. I haven't broken it to her that we're not doing badges next year. If she wants to volunteer to clean up, who'm I to turn that down??
Jasmine wanted to make another hideaway, since we skipped the last 5. But they didn't interest her (or me) enough, so we ended up doing one of the other activities from the Creating Clever Castles and Cars book. She wasn't happy with the results and I wasn't exactly happy with her reaction to the results, but they did enjoy running around it for a few hours last night.
(no pictures...it really didn't turn out to look like anything!)

I'm gearing up for second grade. Going through the book of Science activities to figure out what all we need to buy ahead of time. I just ordered a teacher's book specifically for homeschoolers to track what we do each day. It should make things run more smoothly and keep me on task, even though we're going the more unschooling route. I still have to report to the school district, so it's good to track what we're covering for those lovely quarterly reports.

I promised Jasmine an ice cream party (with homemade ice cream!) for completing first grade.
So here's the story:
We made ice cream. From scratch. From So Delicious Coconut Milk for Josh and Bekah, and regular milk for the rest of us. (milk and sugar in a little ziploc, put inside a larger ziploc full of ice and salt, and then wrapped in a towel and placed in a plastic shopping bag. shake for 15 minutes, rinse of the water/salt on the inside bag, and enjoy!)

Pretty exciting, non?

Unfortunately, we were nervous to rinse the bags for long, because we didn't want it melting in the water.
So it didn't get the salt off.
When we put the ice cream in the bowls, some of the salt came off into the bowl.


I'd like to try again and see if we can get actual eatable ice cream out of the process this time.

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