Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mongol Yurt

This week we're learning about what was going on in Asia during the Middle Ages.
We haven't read as far as the Mongols yet, but the kids were excited to start on the Hideaway.

This was one that we had to improvise on their plans, since we don't have a round table I could give up for the week. I wasn't too gung-ho on eating on the kitchen floor. Such a party-pooper.

So we tried their "simplified" idea, which was much harder than their original plans. But at least it didn't take our table.
 It lasted a total of 10 minutes.

(watching for bad guys)

When it fell apart, I attempted to convert it into a new part of their "reading nook" in their bedroom.
Yesterday, the nook looked like this:

Today, adding in the hoop and sheet, it became:

We won't talk about the pile of books on the floor.
Jasmine is still Jasmine, even at 6. She thought it should go in the middle of the room as a play area, but I told her it's not strong enough for that. So this was her way of "getting back at me" without actually ripping it from the ceiling (because I told her it wasn't going back up once it fell).

Oh, right. I wasn't going to talk about it.

We still have some math to do today, but otherwise we're in great shape! That always feels good :)

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