Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We got our boxes!
And boxes, and boxes, and boxes.

That should pretty much take care of the year!

So this morning we made the Coliseum. It's not as fancy as some, but considering it only took a half hour, it's not too shabby!

They're having an awesome time in it, too. Too much fun, actually. The girls are both in a short time-out out of it.

But then again, if this is a place where gladiators fought and thousands of wild animals would die in a single day, why am I at all surprised that the girls want to start throwing things against the walls??

Edit: Jasmine told her auntie that the Coliseumers would do shows for the people. I guess Gladiators is just too random a term for her!

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  1. Oh my goodness! So many boxes. I must admit that they look rather cool leaning up against the wall waiting to be transformed into a hide away. I'm thinking of just ordering them as well next year when we do this even though they are expensive. It just seems like it is the coolest part of this program and that we would be missing out if we didn't have the boxes. Which reminds me, I might want to start saving up milk jugs. ;)