Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So how come no one pointed out to me that I kept spelling Colosseum wrong?? (maybe because spell-check liked the way I was spelling it before?) Ugh. I'm so embarrassed.
Though that seems to be a recurring theme for me today. It seems to be one big lesson in humility!
A brief recap, just so you can laugh at/with me too:
today I:
~broke two water bottles
~spilled water all over myself when I was trying to drink out of one of said water bottles (but that was before it broke!)
~ended up completely saturating a recipe that was sitting on the counter, from when I was dumping the water from Broken Water Bottle 1 into not-yet-broken-bottle 2.
~trusted the GPS (which isn't a bad thing, unless you take into account that we trusted it yesterday and it took us to three roads that no longer existed)
~bumped into Hudson, knocking him off the picnic table (he was half off and I turned, bumping him the rest of the way)
(edited to add this one)
~gave my blog post a title that I promptly forgot to mention anything about in the post
~dragged my camera to the park and took 10 pictures.
Here are two of those pictures from our homeschool outing to a nearby nature center/park:

And two little stories of Jasmine's cuteness during the outing:

She brought her "science book," More Fun with Nature (Fun with Nature), and was intending to look for flowers we'd learned about. The only one we actually saw was Ox-Eye Daisy. But there was a sign about Wild Roses. She was so excited. Even though the sign told all about them, she had me help her find it in the book so she could show all her friends about the flowers!
At one point she found some pretty yellow flowers, and told me she thought they were "come-on buttercups." I didn't have the heart to correct her with what they really were!

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