Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The iglue

This week's Hideaway was one we've been very excited about. I started collecting milk and water jugs from willing family and friends months ago.
We had three large garbage bags and three boxes, sitting in the basement, waiting for the appointed time.
Since today's already been one of the most bizarre days in recent history, what better day than to tackle this?!

So...up came the milk jugs.
Out came the glue gun and glue sticks.

We had a very serious talk about who was allowed to use the glue gun and what could happen with disobedience.
They got it. They didn't come anywhere near it!

I think it's too wide. I don't know if the milk jugs the book had in mind had different angles, or just what. But this was as tight as we could get. They recommended 60 jugs. 72 didn't bring it anywhere close to finished.

Anyways. We brought down their sleeping bags so they could pretend they were in an igloo, while I read to them about how people lived in them.

Ten minutes later, I got a phone call, and started hearing the sound of ice cracking (gravity-induced, not the kids). But then the kids "helped."

The state of the kitchen right now:

72 milk jugs
5 glue sticks
3 kids and 1 mom
30 minutes to create
10 minutes of playtime
10 minutes of destruction
1 hour (and counting) of "milk jug wars"

Conclusion: not the best-laid plans, but I think we've all learned valuable lessons. Maybe not so much about igloos and the Eskimos, but that's a good lesson in life!


  1. This is so cool! (lol, no pun intended). Even if it didn't completely close (which would've been fun) it is just really neat to see it come together like that. If anything it at least kept everyone occupied for a little while. That is always a bonus in this house! Thanks for sharing.

  2. awesome igloo!!! I have a question though ... the time period in history being read about the week that the igloo is made doesn't seem to have anything to do with igloos or eskimos. Or am I missing something? LOVE your blog! Keep posting! Thanks so much!

  3. Angela, I'm not sure. I've thought the same. We spent a part of one day learning about the Americas the week we made this. I think they were stumped on a more appropriate Hideaway for the week!
    Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog! It definitely keeps me writing when I know people are reading.