Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trojan Horse

I wanted Jasmine to narrate about the Trojan Horse and what went into making our doll-sized version. But Jasmine, being Jasmine, would have none of that.
So I'll just be content with the pictures she took:

There's a side door, large enough to put a doll in, so they can get the idea of people being inside the original horse. (which, by the way, happened in what's now modern-day Turkey! It was only a couple hours away from where I lived, but I never made it over to see it. I wish I had...)

The head is a stick horse, which worked out really well!
The belly of the horse was made to hold a couple dolls but is already falling apart. This may be the first hideaway to make the trip to the curb!


  1. Oh no....did it end up on the curb?? This is so fun....I like the little riding horse head. Probably much easier than making one out of cardboard! lol

    Annabelle loves to use the camera too. I've been contemplating getting a new one and just letting her use the old one whenever she wants.

    I am absolutely thrilled with Winter Promise so far.

  2. It's still kickin' at the moment :) If Hudson keeps complaining about the broken belly I'll make it disappear on Tuesday night, though. The Great Wall isn't going to make it much longer either.
    The cave may last forever, though. And I'm taking bets on how long before we stop finding the strands of green Easter grass on the floor, no matter how many times I've vacuumed!

    Jasmine stopped using her "little kid" camera so her grandma gave her a (used) one for her birthday. She is LOVING it!