Friday, July 1, 2011

Catacombs: for reals

How many kids go from memorizing a Bible verse in their "catacomb" to doing Yoga?

Yay for freedom!

This morning Jasmine is pretty motivated to finish all her badges for the "fun" badges she can earn. She's now finished three of her four colors. Unfortunately she has 7 pink ones left and they're her least-favorite activities (handwriting, spelling, Right into Reading workbook and Explode the Code workbook. She doesn't mind the last one when it doesn't make her write out full words. Sense a trend here??)

Want to see their catacomb? We left it very unadorned because, after all, the early Christians didn't do much decorating in their worship hideaways either.
Letting you know that you are entering the catacomb: Jasmine calls it "P.X." instead of "Chi-Ro," the first two letters of "Christ" in Greek.

And inside the hideaway, they memorized their Bible verse for the week and prayed it together:
"Lord, hear me.
Show me your favor.
Lord, help me." (Psalm 30:10)

Then they came downstairs and did yoga.

while Hudson fell asleep :)
Oh, and while I was writing this, Jasmine surprised me and did her handwriting on her own and is bringing me her spelling work. So it's time to finish up our Friday school!

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  1. I love this post! I just like everything about it from the catacombs to the yoga. It looks like it was a good day. And what a nice surprise that spelling was finished up without any prompting from mom....always a rewarding feeling as a parent. :)