Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aya Sofya

We now have the structure of a Byzantine church sitting on our porch.
At one point I considered dragging it into the air conditioned kitchen to work on it...but it's wider than the doorway. So on the porch it stays!

First we made a support for a dome.
Yes, that is two swimming noodles.

(testing it out)

Then I cut door holes in what used to be the Colosseum and hot-glued them to the main "sanctuary."
and let the girls start painting it.
We ran out of pinkish-orange paint before it was finished, so I did some patch-up work. Any tiny globs of paint got relocated.

It's not perfect but it's pinkish-orange!
Next up is decorating the interior. I've been having the kids cut little pieces of construction paper that will get glued to the walls into "mosaics." I'll cut (or have Jasmine cut) circles to make the floor.

Then we need to add domes to the roofs....


  1. This is by far my favorite hideaway that you have made so far (close second was the igloo). Thanks for all the effort that you put into these, and into the posts! I am really enjoying them. :)

  2. Thank you!! And it's my own creation, so that means a lot! I'm actually considering mentioning it to WP as a possibility, since next week is supposed to be a mosque, but they recognize that some families might not want to do that. So to suggest a simplified version of what we're doing might be perfect: do it as a church, or a mosque, or start it as a church and then add minarets and paint over the mosaics like we'll do next week ;)
    I'm glad you liked the disastrous igloo ;) I really did, too, in spite of the fact that it lasted under 10 minutes.
    Thanks for reading and commenting! It means a lot :D