Monday, July 25, 2011

First Quarter

We're just finishing up the first quarter!
I'm stunned.
We love the curriculum. We love the books, the projects, the things we're learning. (yes, "we" are learning. I'm learning as much as she is!)

She has a handful of un-fun things she needs to finish from last week, and then we'll be finished with the first quarter. I'll write my quarterly, but not hand it in to the school until late October (I've scheduled it to be due November 1st).

We're always hearing questions about if we'll give the kids vacations.
I love the way we're doing it now. We'll be taking off a week in mid-August to have a "stay-cation" (I hate that term and insist that we call it a vacation, but it really does tell you that we're not going anywhere!)
At this point I don't see a need or have a desire to take a long vacation from school. This way she's not forgetting it all, but more importantly, she is a different girl on the days we do school. And in a very good way.
So here's to three more quarters as smooth and fun as this first quarter has been!!


  1. Oh my goodness! A whole quarter done. What a great feeling. :) This will be our last week in the savannah! Hard to believe we've been doing this for almost 7 weeks! Must feel pretty good to have it all done and ready to turn in.

  2. Wow! 7 weeks already?! It seems like you started so long after us, but we've taken a couple extra weeks for things so I shouldn't be surprised.
    So after 7 weeks, would you recommend AW? I'm considering choosing that for next year. The kids would probably really enjoy it but I'm kinda "eh" about it just because history is more exciting than animals ;)
    But I suppose it's not all about me....

  3. Sorry....I just saw this!

    I would recommend it for sure! We've really enjoyed it. I love history, but I really like animals too so it's not as much of a 'sacrifice' for me. lol The books are good (the only one we've had 'boring' issues with so far is Born Free). Annabelle is really enjoying it and really looks forward to it every day.

    Missing your posts, but hope you're having a nice break. :)