Friday, July 1, 2011

Filling out our education experience

I'm a musician.
One who isn't doing much with her music these days.
But, I am proud to say, I have found a way to use my wealth of knowledge and high-quality records (yay for an awesome garage sale! We got a collection of close to 100 records of GOOD classical music, by excellent orchestras, for next to nothing a few years ago! Good thing we have a record player!).
I went through the year's hideaways, as well as the Bible and science topics, and chose a composition that fit in with whatever we were learning. When nothing worked, I went through and chose an instrument (obviously starting with winds. They are going to appreciate a clarinet, no two ways about it!) to focus on.

These past three weeks, we've been learning about ancient Rome.
So out came Respighi!
I have to say, we accidentally spent more time listening to the Pines of Rome than the Fountains of Rome. Because I know the Pines (played it in college orchestra), I wanted to start with that side of the record, so week one was Pines.
Well, week 3 (week two was make-up work) included making a Catacomb. So how could I not listen to the Pines again, with their visiting the Catacombs?!
Oh well. Sorry, fountains.

I'm also trying to add in songs for the kids to sing each week. This week was "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" because we're learning about the human body. They love it! It's nice to know that all those kids' songs I learned in my two miserable years trying to teach general music came to be of value!

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