Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swing Low, Pink Chariot

We are officially finishing Ancient History, on to Medieval History.

We'll be taking next week off of the normal curriculum and learning about Turkey for a week. I'm planning it all out. We're going to do a spelling list consisting of all the words she missed on past tests. Should make it easy, but also very important.
We're going to spend the week listening to Tarkan, Sertab and Candan, three of my favorites. And maybe some Kurdish music too, though that's pretty "out there," even for me.
We're going to spend the week creating and enjoying Turkish food. Eggplant, lamb, feta, yogurt, pitas...we'll make bread and maybe even try for some cheese, if we can find rennet at Wegmans!

But for this week, we're still following the course schedule. Week 8! After one more week of the schedule, if I want, I can fill out my quarterly report!! (and I will, too. They just won't get it 'til November. They don't need to know what our real schedule is. I love following the rules and pretending I don't!)
(for anyone who is curious about what I'm talking about, this Squidoo does a good job explaining what's required of me as a New York State resident. If you ever move here (which I pray never happens), it's well worth your money to get/keep an HSLDA membership. We're contacting them for the second time and I've only been an official homeschooler for 6 days!) 

So. On to chariots.
After Jasmine got enough other things done today, we tackled our new Hideaway, a chariot. And for the first time, we had a little more flexibility in naturally, pink was the chosen color.
(by the way. Anyone looking into doing Hideaways, I highly suggest you find a cheap source of 8-ounce acrylic paints. As best as I've found, Hobby Lobby sells them cheapest. They currently have an endcap of them for $1.77 apiece. I'm hoping that's their permanent price, but I'm also hoping we have a large enough stash for awhile)

We started working on it while Hudson napped. I hot-glued the bottom so it was pretty strong, since these boxes came flat.
Then they went to town:

When Hudson woke up, he jumped right in.
With both feet.

This was a tragedy of epic proportions. I had to clean his feet immediately.

Bekah finished while Jasmine knocked on the door.
I don't know either.

We'll put the wheels and the reigns on it tomorrow when we know it's completely dry, and I'll get more pictures. I'm thinking togas...


  1. Annabelle would've chosen pink too! I must say that when you said Turkey even though it is capitalized I immediately thought of :) We took an early break. I was planning on doing it between habitats, but with the holiday and all we just needed the break. Kudos to you for continuing right on through it!

  2. We took Monday off, but she desperately needed some routine again. The other two were NUTS yesterday, after three days of fun-and-sun-and-daddy-home. So it really was more out of ease that I did it, but thanks :)
    That's hilarious that you thought of food immediately. I'm so used to thinking of the country that I think that before the food, unless it's November :)

  3. I do see your comments. I guess I'm still new to blogger. Is there a way to get notified if someone replies to a comment? I just come back and check your posts because I know that you reply to me. :) I really need to take a class on blogging (I think they actually offer them at a library here!).

  4. I think if you hit "subscribe by email" at the bottom it might work. But I'm not sure; that might just mean you get my posts in your email.
    I'm learning too. I know some blog sites offer to send replies to your inbox, but I'm not sure about Blogger either. Since I've been using their services since Jasmine was born you think I'd know ;)

  5. Yeah, I clicked on "subscribe by email" and now it says "follow-up comments will be sent to [my email address]." :D I'll have to be sure I start using that more often!