Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Great Transition

This morning Aya Sofya underwent a huge, dramatic transformation.

Well, it changed, anyhow.

The mosaics were pulled down or painted over.
There are now minarets on the corners.

(first picture: a Byzantine church. Second: a mosque!)

We're taking it slow this week. It's hot (like everywhere else in the country), and we don't have central air, so out of necessity we need to take it slower. I can't even do as much reading as I'd like to, because I have to speak over three fans and a window a/c. It's LOUD in here.
But we've had fun learning and exploring, and I'm letting the kids do yoga because I know that this DVD is very low-impact so won't make them too hot.


  1. I am right there with you on the no A/C. Yesterday it was a whopping 86 in this house....and the humidity...insane!! A window fan followed us into every room. The kids wanted to go outside and play....I think I gave them an, 'are you insane?' look. lol I must say that I enjoy the warmth more than the cold though.

    We are still trying to work through it this week, but instead of outside playtime we are doing a lot of 'educational' movies....because Lion King takes place in the African Savannah right? :)

  2. I think Lion King is perfect! We've been enjoying Night at the Museum because of all the historical figures :D
    Yeah, my kids aren't even asking to go outside in this!