Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 1, Part 2

We did the second half of Day 1 this morning. As awful as yesterday was, today was that good.
(well, other than the 40 degrees and rain, and the fact that I had to deal with a wet bed after breakfast....)

J flew through her topics. We took a couple little breaks to keep things fresh, and I wrote a list of what needed to be covered. She chose which thing she wanted to do, and after doing it she put a check mark in the box she'd made. It gave her a feeling that she was contributing and not just the passive learner.
She did her handwriting. I would show it, but it's her name and address, and that's not what I ever post online ;) It's adorable. At some point she'll have to learn that, if you run out of room, you don't put the "extra letters" inside one of the previous letters. She says, "don't worry. I know where they are," but I tried to explain that it interferes with our ability to read it.
She did the rest of her language arts work, and then we read about the beginning of history. I then took some of my old backdrop paper and let them paint. (perfect reusing of paper that no longer works for taking pictures!)

It was supposed to be like cave paintings, where they wrote about what life is like now.
J painted a lovely, blue-haired mermaid.
B painted "a circle."
H painted "prickers" (as stated by B). It's hard when you're 2 and given a Q-tip.
(Top left: B's circle. Bottom left: J's mermaid. Note the blue hair, floating in the water. Right: H's "prickers.")


  1. These paintings are just lovely! Glad that your second day went much better. We only have a few more weeks before we start Animals and Their Worlds. Pretty excited!

  2. Thanks! They had a blast! We ended up going back in for more and did the first two days of their Hideaway. They can't decorate since it's still wet, but they had a blast!