Monday, May 2, 2011

First Day

The sun was shining. A perfect 70 degrees. The birds were chirping.
The kids bounded out of bed, excited to start the day.
We flew through everything, watching their eyes light up as they learned.

Well, that's how it looked in my head, anyways.

That sun is probably shining somewhere. It sure isn't doing much around here. I think we've had a total of one day of sunshine since "spring" started (which is why my tulips *still* haven't bloomed). The birds might have been chirping, but as it's raining, we don't have the windows open to hear them. Our parakeet, named Casey by B, was happily chirping. So that's something!
B woke up sad because H was already out of bed. She doesn't like to think she's alone when she wakes up, and she can't see J in the upper bunk so doesn't realize she's not alone.
The kids went up after breakfast to check on J, not realizing she was still asleep, and in the process woke her up. Never a good start to her day!
We started with math. They've already done the first 8 lessons (we're using RightStart math) so we jumped into lesson 9...after I found the abacus and tally sticks in odd places around the tiny room.

Bekah had fun "hiding the table" with the popsicle sticks I used until the tally sticks were found.

We got through science (today was just reading about what science is), and Bible ("I already *know* this story!)
We'll do the rest of it tomorrow. We all need a little time to get used to the routine and what's involved in school. She's a little nervous about the first book we're reading, thinking it's a little on the hard side. But she'll get it.


  1. Oh man....sorry about the non-idyllic first day. :) We've had a rough spring here too. Chilly and not much sun. Sometimes I think the first week is always the hardest (and most boring) because you have to get through all that intro stuff.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better....or at least the sun will be shining.

  2. Thanks! Today went a million times better, in spite of the constant lack of sunshine. You'd think we lived in the Northwest!
    And that's helpful to realize that the first week is tough because of the intro stuff. That's a good thing to keep in mind!