Monday, May 16, 2011

Week One: Complete!

It only took two weeks, but week one is now complete!
I'm hoping that, as we get into a groove (our new system definitely helps), we'll pick up speed and actually get things done in the allotted four days. But we're all learning and getting used to new structure, so I'm not worried.

The cave is finished! It's on the (enclosed) porch now, because I'm tired of stepping on little pieces of Easter grass. (whose idea WAS that, anyways? Oh, mine? Oh. Whoops).

Jasmine drew a mermaid inside. Bekah drew herself, and Hudson just drew his favorite kind of artwork...scribbles over the girls' work. 

We don't have big enough boxes for this week's project yet, so I need to get moving on that. I'm excited about making a pyramid with them!!
Jasmine is loving the book on the Mummies. Right now she thinks science is her favorite subject, and that math is "easy." She loves doing simple addition in her head, and she's doing very well at it. The math curriculum is fun and easy and we fly through the lessons, but I love that she considers "math" to be mental computation. Definitely something she can take with her into adulthood!
(yes, I know I had been using J, B and H to name the kids before. I was getting confused, and I knew their real names!! I figured real names helped keep the stories clearer, and it's not like I don't mention their names on my personal blog!)


  1. Congratulations on completing a week! Hopefully it will just run smoother and smoother from here on out. I LOVE how this hideaway turned out....and I like how the grass looks...sometimes you just got to get messy. :) Excited to see how 'week 2' in your schedule goes.

  2. Thanks!! Yes, it really was worth the mess for the finished look :)
    Me too. :D