Friday, May 6, 2011

Vowel Zoo

(Mommy Note: I had to do a quick explanation of the difference between a "bowel" and "vowel." The way J wanted to do it, this would have been a very unpleasant game!)

J: "I know about big letters and little letters. Big letters mean their sounds. Little letters mean their sounds in their words. (I'm done)."

H discovered he can really make mommy's eyes get big by flattening the paper "die" and playing with the paper "guys" with his pear-juice-covered hands! He enjoyed watching us play the game! (and B slept. She rarely sleeps anymore, but it's sweet when she does!)
We're having a more gradual start to our homeschooling career. Instead of trying to do everything every day, since we have lots of time before schools usually start, we're doing a part of the plan each day.
Getting head colds slowed us down even more than expected!
The kids love their cave. We haven't gone back and painted the rain and humidity, it took 24 hours until the papier-mache  was dry. I'll get "after" pictures next week!
Overall, a decent start to the week. Not quite the "perfect" week, but that's probably good. It forced me to re-evaluate my goals and expectations right at the outset, and hopefully that means I have a more realistic view of what the kids can handle each day. 

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