Friday, May 20, 2011

A Detour: Pirate Day!

We're supposed to be making a pyramid this week. But our boxes aren't big enough, so I kept putting it off.

So, since this morning's Homeschool Playdate was a Pirate Day, we made today Pirate Day!

We're working on memorizing Matthew 6:21: "for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Bekah has it cold. Jasmine likely does too, but likes to play games and pretend she's not paying attention. (the story of our life).

Hudson couldn't wait to be a part of all of this, too. He wanted the bandanna on his head just like the girls!

We had a fabulous time. They made hats:

They heard two pirate stories:

They played games (this one is "shooting cannons" to the other side to try to sink their ship.)

and had pirate-y snacks.

So we came home and made a pirate ship. This box will be reused later in the year, when it's time to make the Mayflower, at which time we'll take the extra time to paint and decorate it. But for a quick-and-easy ship, it worked!
 We'll listen to songs from Pirates of Penzance (the only piratey music I had on hand) when Hudson wakes up from his nap. We may do a little more, but I may just call it quits for the week! It's been a big week!

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