Monday, May 30, 2011

Week Four

We're on a roll!
The Great Wall of China, nicknamed "Emily" by the girls, is in progress still. We finally bought some brown paint so the project for tomorrow will be to bring it to life.

We almost made it through everything on the list for last week, but Friday I was sick so we quit early. I'm still not better, but hopefully by tomorrow I'll have enough energy and voice to do what we need to do.
Here are the books we'll be using this week. Yes. This *week.* I knew WinterPromise wat literature-rich, but I don't think it hit me just how many different books we'd look at in any given week. Thankfully, the girls enjoy them all.
Well, not the "Mastering First Grade Skills." I'm realizing that the math pages, which are definitely pulling teeth here, are not necessary as we'll do the bulk of it in our math curriculum. So I'm lightening up on that one.

The badge system continues to work wonders. I found this organizing container, originally from IKEA, sitting unused in my husband's office. Jasmine thought it would be perfect for the badges! So I pull out the things we need to get done for the day, to be sure we get through the spelling list for the week and that we chip away at the hideaway each day, and then she gets to choose beyond that. Now that she's realizing the benefits of it, she's much more eager to do things she used to balk at, because she knows how good the prizes are for completing the badges in any one color.

Everything's all ready for school tomorrow! Even me!

Not entirely's her first spelling list. I won't let her make smiley faces on her handwriting work, but for other things, if she wants to take 10 times as long and make it all very, very, very happy, she's allowed!!

She has decided that coloring is a waste of time. So hopefully we won't have many coloring assignments to either fight our way through or skip over...


  1. Great week! Looks like you're finally getting into the groove. Nice to know it only takes a few weeks. Hopefully our will go this smooth.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I'm still nervous to say we've found our stride, but we appear to have gotten much more into the swing of things than I imagined at this point.
    I'm thankful. It's so much more fun, more predictable (in an unpredictable way!) and just more peaceful!